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Prompt service with On time delivery and proper packaging. Highly recommended for supplement product ordering for sure
I need magnesium in my diet but my delicate stomach can’t tolerate most magnesium supplements. Well I was truly surprised that these actually agree with me! I take 2 tablets at night because I heard that magnesium helps you sleep better. Well lo and behold my sleep score on my fitbit started improving! Thank you Viridian!
I was recommended GlucoBalance by my doctor to help with my sugar and have noticed a difference in my energy levels, overall well being and in my blood work, I am convinced and continue to reorder.
Excellent one-time service, packaging and presentation.
Ananya Chattopadhyay
Love Bio D Mulsion Forte, using the drops lets me regulate exactly how much to use. The average adult needs approx., 5000 units a day, most is through the sun, however depending how much sun you get determines how many drops you use.
Brookie Ann
Skin Fuel is the best thing that could have happened to me! Busy schedule makes it difficult to take care of your skin. You know you want to follow a proper skin care routine but who has the time? Now with Wellbeing Nutrition’s Skin Fuel skin care has become so easy that I can actually follow through. Just one tablet everyday is helping me treat my acne scars from the roots. It is definitely a MUST TRY!!
I have been diagnosed deficient of vitamin D, so decided to purchase Viridian Liquid Vitamin D 2000IU – Vegan D3 supplement. I am a vegan, so it was important for me that the product is suitable for vegans. It is one of the strongest Vitamin D you can find on the market, which means it should boost your body with vitamin D quickly. It arrived well packaged.

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